St. Johns Lutheran Church

The people of St. John’s have gathered as a Lutheran community for 60 years. Our history reflects the biblical image of God’s people as a “wandering people” and is a story of new beginnings and hope; and, if you will, a typical Canadian story as well.

Our founding members landed in this country as refugees from Europe, torn apart by World War II. They became the third congregation to find their home in the magnificent 1864 church building on the corner of Hughson Street North and Wilson Street, in Hamilton. God’s call “to seek the welfare of the city, build homes, get married and raise families” (Jeremiah 29) quickly turned the city into a home for the newcomers and transformed immigrants into Canadian Citizens.

Over the years we have remained mindful of our own beginnings in Hamilton and it has led us to reach out to those in need and all who like us are looking to belong. We are truly blessed by Hamiltonians, who continue to discover St. John’s as a place to worship and join us in our service to the community. Our membership, while German in origin has evolved into a more multicultural family of God.

Now, being here in the third generation, our journey is not over. We are not done seeking the welfare of others and building community. We support various mission projects in Canada and overseas. We proudly partner with a number of local church initiatives in Hamilton seeking to lend a helping hand to the homeless, endangered youth or single mothers. St. John’s is the weekly host of MacSOC, a food program, in cooperation with other Hamilton churches and students of McMaster University.

We share God’s Good News in word and action trusting in God’s promise to be with the Church to the end of time. We serve, knowing that St. John’s is ultimately not “our” church. It is a place graciously lent to us, for our time and in an ever changing society, to do God’s work in Hamilton and beyond.